io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 4: We Took a Wrong Turn Somewhere...

Captain’s log: The locals here are seemingly fascinated with colored milks...
Photo: Bobby Sussman

Friends, we’re so close to Halloween, in their excitement these poor Starfleet officers missed their shuttlecraft back to HQ and found themselves on a strange world far, far away! So while they find their way back, why don’t you show us the costumes you’ve all been diligently working on for the big day?

At the start of the month, we kicked off our annual October request to see the rad costumes you’ve been cooking up for this year’s spooky season. And friends, it’s flown by in a flurry of Spider-kids and Indianas Jones: Halloween is just one week away! Sound the jack-o-klaxons, because if you haven’t started sorting your costume out by now like these readers have, you’re running out of time to share them with us!


Above we’ve got Bobby Sussman and Nadia Kovacs as the aforementioned hapless Starfleet officers, using the opportunity of Disneyland’s Halloween party events to pay an in-costume visit to Batuu.

Meanwhile, AmandaGiesel’s family (who we’ve shared some great costumes from before!) are working on a Wonderland themed getup, complete with ADORABLE DOG:


Too cute.

Bobby Harrell is taking the pun game to the max with this rather brilliant mashup: Weird Al...bert Einstein!


From George Jar Jar Martin to Marvel Gothic, we love a good mashup costume here, so this definitely gets full marks.


OptimusRex 84 is going for a casual Assassin’s Creed cosplay this year, combining a rather clever Ubisoft-licensed hoodie with the traditional Assassin hidden blade to create a modern take on the gaming universe’s order of haystack-loving, Eagle-diving warriors.


Nothing is true, everything is permitted, especially good cosplay.

Lastly this week, Sarah pays tribute to the unsung hero/villain/sports and party game player of the Mushroom Kingdom: Super Mario’s Luigi foil, Waluigi.


Waluigi Sarah for Smash, honestly.

If you’re still looking for your own inspiration ahead of Halloween, head on over to the links below to see samples of reader costumes from past shows—or if you’re ready to share your costumes for this year, hit the comments section! As always: Please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us who you are, what you’re dressed as, and a little bit about how you put your costume together. Next week’s the big day, so if you want to be part of our roundup gallery, now’s your chance!


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