This is the only acceptable iteration of the MCU’s father-son take on Tony Stark and Peter Parker.
Photo: Capt Cash

Last week we launched our annual Halloween costume show, and invited you to start sharing your plans for what you’re going to be dressed up as this spooky season. Turns out, being a bunch of lovely nerds, some of you already came alarmingly prepared. We’re here for it.

But even if you’re still working on your own costume, or haven’t even started thinking about it yet, you’ve still got time to share your plans with us. Every Thursday in the run up to the big day itself, we’ll be running check-in posts where you can have the chance to show us your costume or tell us what you’re working on...including the post you’re reading right now!


Still looking for inspiration? We’ve already had some lovely entries this year, like Capt Cash and his son above, who make for an absolutely adorable take on Avengers: Endgame’s Iron Man and Iron Spider. Dwight D. Schrutenhower gave us this great mashup from Halloweens past with this fantastic Strong Bad/Bane crossover:

Meanwhile Crosis101 shared a quartet of costumes, all of which were lovely, but we’re very big fans of his Rebel Alliance pilot suit:

Image: Crosis101

What can we say? We love an X-Wing pilot here. If you’re still looking for your own inspiration ahead of Halloween, head on over to the links below to see samples of reader costumes from past shows—or if you’re ready to share your costumes for this year, hit the comments section! As always: Please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us who you are, what you’re dressed as, and a little bit about how you put your costume together. We’ll be sharing everyone’s entries in a round-up post on Halloween! How spooky.

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James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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