Happy Halloween, everyone! Yes the day of chills and frights is finally upon us—and so is the chance to dress up in all those amazing costumes you’ve been working on this year. Here’s the very best of the ones our readers sent to us, in celebration of this most spooktacular season.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been asking you to share your Halloween costumes, whether it’s been completed outfits you’re planning to use (or re-use from the summer con season) or in-progress looks at your big plans. We’ve seen some amazing outfits already, which you can check out in all their glory here and here. Now enjoy Week 3!


It might be from last year, but LordRae’s fearsome sith Ewok is still just as terrifying.

Whosoever views this cosplay, is blessed with the power of The Talented Fool’s marvelous Thor costume.

Nobel_Cries made this delightful Grizzly Adams costume out of an actual teddy bear!

Chronoguard Rebel’s Fallout Nuka Cola Girl is out of this world.

We’ve already shared it, but Pwomp’s service dog Hank as the first Pupvenger is too good not to shared again. Make sure you click through to see the equally lovely Iron Man in the replies!

They Live, err, lives on in JBC’s wonderful makeup work.

Mike and his wife make for a great dynamic duo with this Knightmare Batman/Apocalypse Robin getup.

These might not be the droids you’re looking for, but Orbi-Wan’s Ben Kenobi costume is amazing. Plus, thematic username!

Vinnyguzzo goes for the classic Lobo look.

The appropriately named Mr. Meeseeks’ Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty is delightful.

MrCrumley’s boxy Throg, Frog of Thunder, has got some excellent paintwork to give it a comic book style.

Booyotch’s adorable pup ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Jlnguyen59's Deadpool suit is amazing, but it’s the Hello Kitty backpack that ties it all together.

Annabella Cosplay’s Samara is both seasonally appropriate and creepy as hell!

Strange Case makes the excellent case for group cosplay with this Golden Girls group.

Warp Factor Really Fast’s band—god I hope that’s their band name—dressed up as the OG Star Trek crew. They better have done a cover of Star Trekkin’ dressed up like this.

Michelle B makes for an excellent Klarion the Witch Boy.

AmandaGeisel wins baby cosplay with this tribble-tastic getup. Also, TRIBBLE DOG.

Lazarus141 is here to remind us about the impending nightmare that is the American Presidential election.

Speaking of the election, Alli’s ready to practice her right to get all violent á la the Purge.

DWTGulo’s Orc Warrior looks orc-tacular.

Satchmoe2012's Immortan Joe is ready to rule the wasteland.

Cygnus Mal is putting together a wonderful Alien Kane costume.

Jon Forsman’s Bob’s Burgers cosplay does the Belcher clan proud.

DeadGuy’s creeptastic clown has puppeteered arms!

Americo is doing double duty as Chris Pratt’s character Joshua Faraday from Magnificent Seven and Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite.

Altair-Ibn-La-Ahad-22 isn’t going as the Assassin they’re named after, but instead teased their very funky Daft Punk helmets (and a teaser for a Furiosa costume at the link!)

Dog cosplay is in this year—woof or woof not, there is no try for Quasar Funk’s pug Louie.

Neums’ Professor Chaos is on point.

monk33grl and her husband rocked the campsite as Thor and Deadpool...

...and her daughter pulled off an amazing Captain America!

Shelix’s costume took inspiration from Norse mythology last year—the ravens are Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s avian scouts.

Wallopin’ webslingers, Braedengosse’s Stan Lee outfit is worth of an “Excelsior!” or two.

Lock those S-Foils in attack position, AAtard’s pup is reporting in as Red Five!

Not shared yours yet? What do you plan on dressing up as today? As ever, share pictures of yourselves (and only yourselves, of course!) in the comments below—and have a frightfully fun Halloween in your excellent costumes!