The Rock is starring in the new Race to Witch Mountain movie (an update of the Escape to Witch Mountain movies) โ€” and he believes, or wants to believe, in aliens. You be the judge. At the Race To Witch Mountain press line, we grilled cast members about the existence of aliens. The lovely Carla Gugino walked away from my questions looking at like I was mad (you can't turn away from the truth Carla) so did the director Andy Fickman, but Dwayne Johnson threw us a bone. When we asked if he believed in aliens he replied, "Yeah yeah of course." Click through for more on the Rock's belief in the beyond and pictures from the Con press line.


So the Rock admitted to believing in aliens, fine โ€” he should! His new movie is about little kid aliens with mind powers. But what kind of aliens do you believe in Rock, little kid aliens of big slime aliens? He explained, "I think they come in all forms and they increase when you drink."