We’ve got Starfleet, Star-Lord, and Star Wars! Plus costume stars of all stripes on io9’s Halloween Costume Show! Come on in and add to the madness.

Whether they’re still in progress or you’ve had the finishing touches ready since November 1st of last year, post pictures of your Halloween costumes (please post pictures of yourself only), along with a note about how you put the costume together. The best will be featured on io9.

Up top we have Holly_’s Beetlejuice pair. Here’s Miskatonic pulling out the tricorder:

s. pisaster made this praying mantis in only two weeks!


Commenter Americo is reusing his impeccable Star-Lord:

The Huntress’ Ahsoka is badass:


FourOfTwo made this Chewbacca costume out of balloons. BALLOONS!

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