The io9 Book Club meets once per month to discuss a book, then chat with the author. In March, we're meeting on the 29th to discuss God's War by Kameron Hurley. We also have free epub copies of the book for you!

Watch for a post on the 29th announcing the book club, and jump into comments for discussion! There's still time to read the book, too. It's a fast read, and our pals at Night Shade Books are offering a free epub version of the book to anyone who would like to participate in this month's io9 Book Club.


Night Shade publisher Jeremy Lassen says:

Please send an email to to receive your free copy electronic copy of God's War. It will be available until March 29, 2011.

The file will be an industry standard DRM free epub format. This electronic file will be provided as is, with no warranty or support. If you can't get it to work on your device/software combination, please try a different combination.

This is free, and we don't have the resources to trouble shoot your specific platform. If you want technical support (or want to support the author monetarily), please consider buying a copy at one of our partner ebook vendors.


We're hoping Kameron Hurley will join us later in the week of March 29 for a discussion.

If you're wondering what this whole io9 Book Club thing is all about, you can visit our past meetings here.