io9 Book Club Meeting Reminder: One Week To Finish "Windup Girl"

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Don't forget to finish reading Paolo Bacigalupi's Windup Girl for our next io9 Book Club meeting, which begins February 23. Get more information about the book, and how to participate in the book club, here.

Bacigalupi will be joining us for a discussion later that week, so be thinking about what you want to discuss in the book club meeting - and what you want to ask the author!


io9 Book Club Meetings take place on the blog. I'll create a book club post on Feb. 23, and we'll have a conversation about the book in comments for the next several days. Then, in a separate post, we'll have a talk with the author.

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Elim, i feel kind of the same although i've kept reading and i'm now half way through. I must say, the science in the book (so far) is not expanded upon well enough so to make the reader understand what and why the earth is in such a miserable state. Also the science doesn't really make sense. There is no way in hell we would not come up with solutions to the disasters mentioned in the book. The genetically modified elephants in the book wind up a spring by walking in circles tied to a machine. Thats the most efficient form of energy in the world at the time. Seriously? The story gets a bit better later in the book but still. i kind of have to force myself to read it. Im not sure i'll finish by the 23'rd