io9 Book Club Is In Session: Let's Talk About Cecelia Holland's Dragon Heart!

Illustration for article titled io9 Book Club Is In Session: Lets Talk About Cecelia Hollands iDragon Heart/i!

Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. This month, we’ve read Dragon Heart by Cecelia Holland.. Jump into comments to get started talking about it!


What is this io9 Book Club all about? We meet once a month to discuss a book we’ve all read together, and then we have an online chat with the author — see our past meetings here.


For those unfamiliar with the io9 book club, here’s how it works: You read the book. We create a special book club post on io9 when the meeting is in session. That would be the post you’re reading. Then everybody talks about the book in comments for a few days, starting right now.

We hope Holland will be joining us soon to talk about the book. So, what did you think of Dragon Heart?

Contact the author at and follow her on Twitter @Charliejane.


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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to this month’s book.

What’s next month’s selection?