After we wrote about scifi book club lit, many of you asked for an io9 book club. And now we're starting one. Our first selection is Paul McAuley's geoengineering thriller and space opera The Quiet War.


Nominated for this year's Clarke Award, The Quiet War explores the tensions between two factions in the solar system. The Outers, who live on the outer planets and their moons, are post-humanists by default. They're reengineering their bodies and environments to make it possible for human societies to spread far beyond Earth. But the Earth governments of Greater Brazil want to stop the Outers' blasphemy against pure, untrammeled Nature. Of course, the real threat is the Outers' greater productivity, scientific innovation, and success as a society. A series of skirmishes escalate into a war, and that's when things get explosive.

We picked this novel because it's packed with great ideas and fascinating science. Also it's not the kind of novel that gets a lot of marketing hype, and so we're hoping that this book club will expose more people to McAuley's work.

You can read our review of The Quiet War here. Now that Pyr Books has brought out a US edition of the book, it should be no problem for most of you to get a copy of it to read.


Here's how the book club will work. You read The Quiet War. Then we all have our book club meeting on Thursday, October 8. I'll post, and we can discuss the book in comments. And then, as a special treat, author Paul McAuley will join us for a discussion of the book, too. So as you're reading, be thinking about what you want to discuss with your fellow book nerds here at io9 - but also what you're dying to ask McAuley.

Get reading!

The Quiet War via Amazon