io9 Book Club - Ask Cherie Priest about "Boneshaker"

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Cherie Priest, author of io9 book club selection Boneshaker, is joining us here to answer your questions about the book. She'll be here tomorrow (Thursday, 6/24), from 3-4 PM Pacific Time. Pipe up in comments with your questions.


We've already had a lively discussion about Priest's novel in our book club post. Now you can ask Priest your burning questions, or just tell her what you thought about the book, and she'll pop up in comments tomorrow from 3-4 PM to answer as much as she can.


Please be polite!

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Annalee Newitz

One of the aspects of Boneshaker I really enjoyed is the way it's both steampunk and an alternate history of the Civil War. What got you interested in playing with the alt.history trope of "what if the Civil War ended differently?"