io9 and Kotaku Team Up for a Co-op Breakdown of Ready Player One

The High Five isn’t the only team around these parts.
The High Five isn’t the only team around these parts.
Image: Warner Bros.

Steven Spielberg has tapped into the geeky Venn diagram with Ready Player One, paying tribute to both wider nerd culture and gaming specifically. Does it do a good job, or come across as pandering? Now that opening weekend has come and gone, io9's Beth Elderkin and Kotaku’s Gita Jackson are diving into the OASIS in co-op mode to chat about Ready Player One. Check out the video below.

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I walked out of the theater thinking this was one of the oddest adaptations I’ve ever seen of a book.

The screenplay cleaned up some of the weakest parts of it (Artemis as fantasy girl without any agency whatsoever, slavish pandering to cultural references, and a few other things) but then took out some of the few worthwhile dystopian parts of the narrative (the grinding poverty of day-to-day life, the intentional infiltration of IOI and the real world murders) and left a lot of the other mediocre crap in.

The end result was that the first hour or felt like Spielberg was on the verge of turning this into something that could have been quite interesting - an action adventure with elements urging cautionary reflection on where we are a society today - and then ‘splosions took over.

By the way, any review that doesn’t give props to Rylance’s performance is just incomplete. He does more in a little more than 5 minutes of speaking time than the rest of the cast does in 2 hours.