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Introducing the io9 Apocalypsemobile

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The event pictured above is called The Hangover 150, and it's held every New Year's Day at a dirt track near where I live in Western New York. It's a type of "race" called an enduro, in which dozens of stripped down street cars drive around the track for 50 laps with no caution flags. It becomes a survival race as the track becomes clogged with car corpses and the mud takes its toll. There is something utterly apocalyptic about all the burning cars and bleary-eyed spectators cheering on the carnage. At the same time, it's a charity event that contributes several truckloads of food to local pantries every year. And without further ado, the Apocalypsemobile itself:

Illustration for article titled Introducing the io9 Apocalypsemobile

I have some work to do over the coming weeks to prep it for the race, so this is like seeing Rocky Balboa before the training montage. It's a '94 Saturn with the upgraded dual overhead cam engine, so it has some kick, especially for a car that only weighs about 2,600 pounds. As you can see, it suffered some war wounds in its prior life, but that's ok. I was just going to weld those doors shut anyway. We'll keep you updated as the project progresses and the race nears. The car's number, of course, will be io9. We should have room on the body panels to paint on some other sponsors, so if you'd like to be a sponsor for the Apocalypsemobile, drop me a line. All sponsor money will go toward buying me crucial safety equipment, so I don't die.

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Ed Grabianowski

I also wanted to point out that, while my kitchen has showed up in some of my HowStuffWorks articles over the articles, this marks the Internet debut of my back yard.