Introducing HeroX -- A Way To Crowdfund Your Very Own X-Prize

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Imagine being able to come up with your own insanely futuristic idea — and then having teams race to achieve your goal. The recently launched HeroX platform could make this happen.


HeroX is essentially a cross between XPrize and Kickstarter, enabling the crowd to create their own challenges and then eventually crowdfund them. It's described as a platform for running competitions to solve local and global problems. But so long as the crowd-sourced support is there, it could conceivably be used to spur on the development of virtually anything, no matter how outlandish or ambitious — whether it be a hoverboard or a generation ship headed for Alpha Centauri.

Peter Diamandis, the founder of X-Prize, explains:

One of the challenges on the site is called ImagineX, which will award $1000 to the 10 best ideas for challenges, which will then be developed into full-fledged challenges.

So, what challenges in the world would you solve?

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my challenge is bringing solar road ways to my state - it would need local and state government to adopt this tech and at the same time change the utility service from private to government and will help create a more sustainable future.