This is supposed to be parody, but I'm pretty sure we're not too far away from this being the actual way food is marketed to us. It's like a cross between the milk ads and a tech ad.

The video comes with a website full of the kind of buzzwords a crowdfund needs and a form to pre-order this amazing new device. There's this:


From the moment you pick up your Carrot, you'll notice the care and attention that went into every detail. The unique texture, the striking colors and the pleasing crunch provide a world class experience for each of your senses.

And this appeal to special snowflakes:


You're unique. Your Carrot should be too. Carrot can be prepared in an unlimited number of ways. Carrot can be boiled, cooked, or even baked into a cake. You can even hold Carrot in your mouth and pretend it's a long cigar. Carrot is made for anything, leaving you ready to take on everything.


I'm looking forward to "Lettuce For the Rest of Us" and "Why Not Try a Brussel Sprout?"

[via Laughing Squid]