Into The Woods Clip Shows Meryl Streep's Witchy Insanity

The lynchpin for the Into The Woods musical is the Witch. Thankfully, Disney cast legendary actress Meryl Streep in the role, but it's hard to imagine the lovely Street as this strange, bedraggled character. Well, hard until now. Watch!


Disney has released two clips featuring the Witch arguing with the Baker (James Corden) and the Baker's wife (Emily Blunt), who are both fantastic in their own right. The non-singing clip gives a pretty good taste of the fast-pace dialogue (and singing) that goes hand-in-hand with Into The Woods.

For comparison purposes (and also because it's beautiful) here's a clip of Streep singing "Stay With Me."

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I guess by "because it's beautiful" you mean "because it's out of tune and dreadful." Casting Meryl "I can't actually sing" Streep in a role that is consummately about singing is one of the worst casting decisions in history.