Into the Night Is an Upcoming Netflix Series About the Sun's Final Revenge

It’s not a subtle premise.
It’s not a subtle premise.
Image: Netflix
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As Charles Montgomery Burns once explained it, the sun is the greatest enemy of the modern man. Giver of heat, but tyrant of time and, frankly, a real pain to people wanting to run power companies. All that free light! Please. But, finally, the sun is going to have its vengeance for mankind’s impetuous ire. That vengeance is Into the Night.


An upcoming Netflix series hailing out of Belgium, Into the Night is the story of a world where the sun, uh, becomes super deadly for some reason. The short teaser, recently released by Netflix, doesn’t fill in all the details. But a big solar event is happening, and the sun has gone from “warm” to “hot” to “oh god oh god I’m going to die.”

This means, for survival, there’s only one option: outrun the sunrise. Which is such a ridiculous premise I am absolutely 100% on board. Inspired by (but decidedly not based on) a novel by Polish author Jacek Dukaj, it’s the story of people on a plane trying to outfly doom and show the sun exactly where it can stick it.

Written and created by Narcos producer Jason George, Into the Night is coming to Netflix sometime this year.

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Ugh. So the A319 (based upon the shot of the flight deck) cruises at 514 mph, with a max spd of 541 mph. Let’s say they have enough gas to go full blast the whole way (unlikely since airlines don’t typically put on that much extra fuel for those long-haul routes), but going west bound means a headwind, so to make the math easy we’ll give them an average ground speed of 500 mph.

The Earth rotates at about 1000 mph.

It’s a hair over 3600 miles from Paris to New York (I assume they’re departing CDG) so that means the sun will “catch” them about half way there.

Roll credits.

Even without doing the math ahead of time, this just seems lazy. A deep enough basement would be the better last-minute option in the event the “sun goes crazy”.

More and more I’m starting to understand why this stuff is winding up on Netflix, especially where sci-fi is concerned.