AMC already hasa pretty good rep for comic bookTV shows, considering they run The Walking Dead and will soon have the intense-looking Preacher adaptation. But it turns out they can also turn their TV shows into comic books, as is the case with their upcoming martial arts series, Into The Badlands.

AMC have released a digital-only comic acting as a prequel for the gory post-apocalyptic series. It’s penned by two of the show’s writers, Matt Okumura and Justin Doble, with art from Steve Ellis, who also drew prequel comics for Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.


Cover art by Leinil Yu.

It’s suitably violent—as was the footage we saw of the show at New York Comic Con recently—and seems like it could be a pretty fun accompaniment to the series itself. The first few pages are available to read on AMC’s website right now, with more pages due for release on November 13th, ahead of the show’s actual premiere on November 15th.

[via CBR]

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