Illustration for article titled emInterstellar/em Image Gives A Good Look At Chris Nolans New World

Check out Matthew McConaughey's fly spacesuit in the first official images from Chris Nolan's Interstellar. And maybe, just maybe, get a good look at a strange alien planet? Who can say.


Entertainment Weekly has released a few images from their gigantic Fall Preview issue and inside are a few glimpses of Interstellar. According to the article, what we're seeing in this image is the "wastelands of Iceland," which represent the watery alien planet that the ship's crew encounters. Anne Hathaway also reveals that they wore 40-pound spacesuits while filming in zero gravity, which almost made her pass out. For more information, you'll have to pick the EW issue, or just go see Interstellar on November 7th.

[via Indie Wire]

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