The Leap is a short film from Karel van Bellingen that takes place decades from now, where interstellar travel has opened up access to a new world, but only for a select few who can afford the journey. This is a film that packs a lot in to just half an hour.

In the film, humanity can go out to a new world, which has lead to a rise in human smuggling for people who are desperate to try and make it in the new world. The story follows an officer in the Inter-Planetary Migration Administration (IPMA) who faces a real dilemma in the course of his duties.


There’s some really interesting things going on with the short film field: we’ve covered some recently that really caught our eye, and increasingly, it seems like it’s becoming a real proving ground for some fantastic ideas.

The Leap is one film that really sucked me in when I saw it: it looks stunning, with some excellent direction behind it, but it has a compelling story that examines some real issues such as economic inequality. It’s really worth the 30 or so minutes it’ll take to watch it.


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