Internet Legend Slenderman Gets a New Horror Movie and an Even More Horrifying-Looking Doc

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So 2017 is only a few days old, but the breakout star so far is Slenderman. He’s the terrifying internet meme turned real-life crime inspiration who is soon to be the subject of an HBO documentary, which just got a premiere date. And now, we have news of a feature film.

Documentary Beware the Slenderman, which tells the story of how the internet legend inspired two 12-year-old girls to commit a shockingly violent act, will premiere on HBO January 23 at 10pm EST.

Much later than that, the entire Slenderman myth is getting its own movie. Deadline reports that director Sylvain White (The Losers) will helm the film under Sony’s Screen Gems banner. Production will start in the spring. There aren’t any details beyond that, but you’d guess it’ll turn the character into a more traditional horror villain.


Here’s the trailer for the doc, which is absolutely terrifying.

If you want to know more, our sister sites have covered the hell out of the meme. Check it below.


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I hope they don’t make the mistake of over-explaining slender man or giving him/it a background story. If he’s just this thing that appears in old photos and does things that defy logic, it’s scary.

That’s why I disliked Prometheus. The alien was so awesome because of that unknown detail. What was the space jockey? Why were those eggs there? Did the jockey get his signal out right before he died, and then slowly fossilized and fuzed with his chair?

What I imagined was even cooler - the space jockey his crew also stumbled upon those aliens. Some giant, advanced race was exploring and walked into some heavy shit, and all they could do was warn others to keep away before it wiped everyone out.

Instead I got some weird ass bullshit that put everything in a completely unsatisfying story thanks to the guy who made Lost so unrewarding.

Oh, and guy pierce in old man makeup.