Interior Design That Looks Like an Alien Nest is Covering Your Wall

Click to viewIf you've always wanted to decorate your house to look like a shinier, cleaner version of the queen's knobby, textured nest in Aliens, here is a template for you. Architect Zaha Hadid has created artistic interpretations of several buildings she's designed, and they all look like beautiful monsters and spaceship interiors. See more below.


This image, as well as the top one above, are both details from a plan Hadid made for modernizing the Asian side of Istanbul. Below, you can see two details she refers to as "Opera House desks," inspired by some interior work she did for the Abu Dhabi performing arts center.

If you'd like to see these designs in the flesh, Hadid will be constructing some of them at an upcoming New York show. Hadid's exhibition will be open 1 November - 13 December at the Sonnabend Gallery and 169 10th Avenue in New York. Learn more about Hadid on her website [via Dezeen]


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