Interested In The Math Of Pixar's Animation? This Video Is Must-Watch

Computer animation is one of those delightful intersections of science and art, but when we're cooing over concept art and character designs, it's easy to forget all the math that goes into bringing these movies to life. This video explains the calculations behind the characters.


Brady Haran of Numberphile talks to Pixar researcher Tony DeRose, who leads us through the way that Pixar creates shapes and the mathematics behind the studio's smooth 3D animated characters. It's a side of Pixar animation that we don't hear about quite as often, but it's a key behind the studio's continually visual push forward.

[via mental_floss]


I've been telling people for years, every time I watch Brave I get dizzy just thinking about the math it must have taken to make Merida's hair like that.