Interest Acquired: Andy Serkis Will Direct The Jungle Book Movie

Illustration for article titled Interest Acquired: Andy Serkis Will Direct The emJungle Book/em Movie

Full disclosure: we weren't that excited about the MANY live-action Jungle Book movie adaptations. But now the Warner Bros. Jungle Book may have a leg up on the Disney version, because Andy Serkis just signed on to direct it. Oooooh snap.

THR is reporting that Serkis has agreed to direct the Warner Bros. live action adaptation of Jungle Book, which means we're much more likely to see the WB version over Jon Favreau's Disney adaptation of the same folklore. However, the Disney version did just recently cast Idris Elba as the voice of the tiger Shere Khan, so they have that going for them.

But more importantly is SERKIS! We've been desperate for Hollywood to give him his own movie, since this man is insanely talented. It's high time he had something of his own to play with. We're sure his long history with motion capture will be put to good use on this film, or at least we hope it will, because he is so good at it!

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So it'll be full of Serkis animals, huh?