What percentage of people who live in New York were born there? How did the proportion of Californians born outside the country changed over the 20th century? This series of charts offers a peek into the migration history of each US state.

At the New York Time's The Upshot, Gregor Aisch, Robert Gebeloff, and Kevin Quealy used census data to 51 charts of US migration—one for each state and the District of Columbia. The charts provide a fascinating look into how migration to and from each state has changed, such as Florida's eventual emergences as a residential destination for Americans from states with cooler weather:


Nevada's long-dynamic population:

And the recent influx of New Yorkers in North Carolina. New York-born North Carolinians now outnumber South Carolina-born North Carolinians two to one:


Check out all of the charts (along with brief explanations of each one) at the Upshot.

Where We Came From, State by State [NYT via Boing Boing]


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