You've seen the massive new Man of Steel trailer, which displays the power of General Zod's alien army, along with the destruction of Superman's home planet. But did you catch everything? We broke down the new video frame-by-frame looking for secrets and clues, uncovering a few plot reveals along the way. Beware, spoilers!

Krypton in distress — Jor-El (Russell Crowe) stands with his back to us.

Another shot of the destruction.

Krypton in better times.

Kal-El is born!

Kal-El's mother Lara Lor-Van.

Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and son.

The apparatus that will take Kal-El to Earth.

Another shot of Kal-El's rocket bassinet.

Off to Earth!

Kal-El (no renamed Clark Kent) is exposed when he saves the school bus full of children from sinking.

Jonathan Kent shows Clark his secret.

If this background collection of clips, maps and charts is any clue, Jonathan Kent has been trying to track Clark's origin for a long time.

Lois Lane in the Fortress of Solitude. In the trailer you can hear her say, "How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks?" which makes us believe she's been tracking down Clark for a long, long time. This helps explain what she's doing in the interrogation room later. Apparently she's the resident alien expert.

Untouched by fire.

A key?

The newly redesigned Fortress of Solitude.

The first "rev up" to the big flight.

Supes in space.

Is this a squid? A Watchmen shout-out, perhaps?

General Zod pays a visit to the Kent farm.

Superman stands in front of a whole lotta guns.

Zod surveys our planet.

General Zod gets very, very mad while in chains. This could correlate to the threat he says in the trailer, "you think your son is safe?"

A missile guidance system zooms in on someone... probably Supes.

A figure emerges from flames...

... and it looks like Zod.

Lex Luthor's Home Base? Just more confirmation that this character actually is in Man of Steel.

Superman sees missiles approaching...

...and flies away at lightning speed.

Clark has a Kansas shirt on, love that detail.

Zod's secret weapon? You can see his army here.

A new super suit.

Superman in handcuffs

The new Jimmy?

Looks like this is how Zod and Superman will fight, in air.

And here's another great mid-air Zod/Superman collision:

Love the lightning bolts!

Something, maybe a tank, blows up in a morass of CG flames!

A great flying shot.

And finally, some caps of the Superman/Lois conference: