Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

New pictures reveal the hideous fates of Wolverine's Deadpool and G.I. Joe's Cobra Commander. Plus Astro Boy robogasm, a Battlestar comeback, and Sarah Connor, Heroes and Star Wars throwdowns. Also, Lost, Dollhouse and Chuck spoilers.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Okay, we admit it - we love toy spoilers. A new toy ad shows a scar-faced Deadpool among the toy tie-ins for this new movie, which fans are taking as confirmation that good old Wade will be sporting his trademark face scars in the film. There are also a couple of trailer screengrabs that show a bald, scar-faced guy fighting with Wolvie. [Deadpool Bugle]


And here's a new pic of Wolvie throwing down with Sabretooth. Bigger version at the link. [IGN]

G.I. Joe:

Did I mention I love toy spoilers? I do. Here's a toy package from Hong Kong that allegedly shows what Cobra Commander will look like in the new movie. [ToyNewsI and Screenrant]


Astro Boy:

We already featured some of these images, but here they are in better quality. Plus a couple new ones that look nifty. [Newsarama]


Battlestar Galactica:

Here are some pics from tonight's new BSG episode, including a new look at a certain final Cylon. And Doctor John Hodgman! [Dryope via Battlestar Blog]

That episode will be 33 percent about the return of Ellen, 31 percent about the long-absent Brother Cavil, 5 percent about Roslin passing the torch to Lee Adama, and 31 percent about other stuff. [EW]



Most of Agent Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett)'s FBI colleagues mock his drive to expose the truth about the legendary Dollhouse. But Ballard will meet one FBI colleague who may start believing him and even help him a little. He also has some cute, funny scenes with one of the show's actresses. [TV Guide]

Eliza had to learn Russian for the show's last episode, and she's also a super-midwife in one episode. [SpoilerTV]



Michael Emerson says he's hoping to have more scenes with Ken Leung soon. And we'll be learning more about Leung's character soon, in a pivotal storyline where we "go back in time" and see what Miles used to be like. [AOL]

Rebecca Mader says Charlotte may pop up at some point in season six. [L.A. Times]


In episode 5x13, "Some Like It Hoth," Daniel Faraday will reappear after having been missing for some time, following his exploration of the Orchid and other stuff. Miles sees the returned Daniel and it's a huge reveal. We see some experimental stuff being taken from the sub. We see Radzinsky and some Dharma scientists in black, along with Pierre Chang. Daniel's been keeping busy in his absence, and it sets up a huge development.

And in episode 5x14, "The Variable," we learn why Daniel wrote that Desmond is his constant. The episode picks up from last year's "The Constant," and we may find out why Desmond left the army. [SpoilersLost]

We'll see more of that temple from Wednesday's episode. It's "not necessarily the temple," and it's not the smoke monster's home, just smokey's Camp David. And we may see more of the Oxford woman in a time trance. [SpoilersLost]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Don't give up on John! Thomas Dekker says John "has a plan and had a plan." And he hints that John may know there's more to Riley than meets the eye. The second half of the season clears up that whole "three dots" mystery. And it builds up to something really huge, having to do with the baby A.I. John Henry, and Kyle Reese. The season ends with some closure on some of the big questions, but there's also "a total lack of closure," and introduces a new note that will have fans desperate to see what happens in season three. (If any.) [TheTVAddict]

And here are some pics from episode 2x16, "Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep." [Sarah Connor Society]



We may meet Olivia's creepy MIA stepfather in the flesh by the end of the season. [EW]


More confirmation that Daphne didn't die last week. At least, she's not dead yet. [EW]


Here are some new pics from Monday's episode. [SpoilerTV]


Sam is definitely going to be addicted to demon blood soon. [EW]


The secret agent that Tricia Helfer plays will seduce Captain Awesome. Dude! Also, Arnold Vosloo's Fulcrum agent helps figure out that Chuck is the intersect. And Chevy Chase's tech mogul Ted Roark orders Chuck's assassination. And Sarah uses her CIA contacts to help Chuck track down his dad. [E! Online]


Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

Here's another pic from tonight's episode. [LucasFilm]


Here's a complete list of episodes and airdates for season two:

3/03 - #2.1 "Episode IV: A New Hope"
3/10 - #2.2 "Dirty Sexy Mongol"
3/17 - #2.3 "The Sweet Science"
3/24 - #2.4 "The Favorite"
3/31 - #2.5 "I Want My Baby Back"
4/07 - #2.6 "Underbelly"
4/14 - #2.7 "The Good Soil"
4/21 - #2.8 "The Home Stretch"
4/28 - #2.9 "No Reaper Left Behind"
5/05 - #2.10 "My Brother's Reaper"
5/12 - #2.11 "To Sprong, With Love"
5/19 - #2.12 "Business Casualty"
5/26 - #2.13 "The Devil & Sam Oliver"



Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.