Insurgent Trailer Is All Guns And Haircuts And More Guns

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You guys, what is going on with Insurgent? First there was this bizarre trailer, and now we've got a new trailer with actual footage. And it's 99.9% guns and haircuts. Which, OK great, haircuts are fun. But yeeeeesh with the guns.


I guess there's a secret gun and bullet faction in the Divergent world, and their job is just producing weapons and maybe wearing the color orange — because this future world is color-coded. No, really. The smart, pro-reading people wear blue, the selfless group wears grey, and so on and so forth. So what do the "Divergents" (the people who don't fit in any faction and can do anything) wear? Our guess, a RAINBOW.

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Question: Is this series even worth watching or reading? I haven't read Hunger Games, but I own the first two on Blu and got 3 Part 1 pre-bought (cause both movies were good IMO).