The Inner Sphere has descended into chaos, as a band of techno-religious fanatics wage war on the former Star League systems. Fire up your mechs and get ready to defend civilization itself against the Word of Blake's 14-year holy war in Jihad Hot Spots: 3072. Whether you command a lance of mechs for some Classic Battletech tabletop warfare, or play an ace mechwarrior in the Classic Battletech RPG, this new sourcebook has lots of info on this turbulent period in the Battletech universe.Catalyst Games, the current license holder for Classic Battletech, is steadily releasing a series of sourcebooks that cover the 14-year Word of Blake Jihad in great detail. Word of Blake is a splinter group of ComStar, the interstellar communications company that tied the far-flung planets of the Inner Sphere together. When religious fanatics control all of your communications, well...that's probably not going to end well. In this case, planet-nuking ensued. But you can fight against the rising tide of Blakist terror with Jihad Hot Spots: 3072, including stats on important Inner Sphere political and military figures and an all-new technical readout on the Celestial Series OmniMechs. Image by: