Inside the Science of Getting Sauced

Raise your hand if you're drinking this weekend! Okay, that's a lot of hands. Now keep it raised if you understand how the beer/wine/cocktail/backwoods moonshine you'll be nursing actually gets the job done (the job being getting you drunk).


Is your hand still raised? Okay, you're free to go. The rest of you, watch the video above, because AsapSCIENCE has the scoop on how alcohol makes you feel the way you do once you've had a few.

Curious about the effects of more... "recreational" diversions? This might be the post you're looking for.



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Can anyone here actually explain the appeal of inebriation, outside of "because it's what my friends do"? I've tried being drunk a few times. It was profoundly unpleasant (similar to how I feel when I get a severe flu). Being buzzed is no better, just less of the same. I also find drunk people to be anything from slightly annoying to downright pathetic. No offense to avid drinkers here, free society and all, but I'd like an honest and useful answer.

I'm sincerely curious here.