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Thanks to the movies, Natasha Romanoff’s exploits as the Black Widow are known by Marvel fans the world over—but her history, from Russian spy to American defector, to one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, stretches back over half a century of comics. Now a new book wants to chart Nat’s monumental rise as one of Marvel’s best known heroes.

Black Widow: Creating the Avenging Super-Spy is the latest Marvel history book from Insight Editions. Written by Michael Mallory, the book, like Insight’s past Marvel History entries, features extensive interviews with creators that have helped bring Natasha to life since her first appearance in the pages of Tales of Suspense in 1964, as well as a trove of artwork from years and years of Marvel comics.


It’s a fitting tribute to a female hero that has become crucial to Marvel’s plans in recent years thanks to the phenomenal rise of the character since her MCU debut in Iron Man 2 (even if Marvel Studios has dug their heels in for ages when it’s come to the prospects of her getting her own movie). Check out a few spreads from the book below, making their debut here on io9—click the magnifying glass in the top left of each image, and then open in a new tab, to see the images at their highest resolution.


Black Widow: Creating the Avenging Super-Spy hits shelves November 7.


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