Inside The Doomsday Bunkers Of The Rich And Famous

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When the world ends and most doomsday preppers will be hunched in cramped dwellings, fighting off hungry mutant freeloaders, a select few will be enjoying the high-end amenities of a luxury survival condo, buried 174 feet underground in a decommissioned missile silo.


The Survival Condo complex, current under development, can house up to 75 people, in floor and half-floor units costing $1.5 million to $3 million each, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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The developer, Larry Hall, bought his first missile-silo site in 2008 and completed construction of the condo in 2012. Within a year, the development had sold out. He already has buyers interested in his newest project:

The projects tap into an undercurrent of angst among some affluent folks that has persisted since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. The global financial crisis and now the possible dangers posed by the Ebola virus and the rise of Islamic State have fueled their safety concerns.

The condos, his company claims, can make it possible to lead an uninterrupted life of luxury underground. In addition to the standard perks—which also include a spa, dog park, fitness center and medical facilities—the complex has enough emergency food on hand to last for up to five years. There's also a holding cell for unruly occupants.

Individual units have 9-foot ceilings. Lighting mimics sunlight as much as possible. In place of windows, there are video screens that can exhibit a resident's choice of scenery, from landscapes to urban skylines.

One executive of a Connecticut tobacco-product firm says he paid $12 million in cash for four entire floors of the first silo-condo complex—enough space to accommodate his large family and several friends. He hired a decorator and equipped his four full floors with fireplaces, antique furniture and more "windows" than the space originally offered.


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