Warning: Some of these pictures of real-life mannequins cannot be unseen and will live on in your brain forever.

I first learned about Insannequins when they approached me to ask if they could use this picture I tweeted of an actual mannequin in San Francisco's Chinatown, featuring a woman's head backwards on a torso-less pair of legs:

And that led me to a treasure trove of madness, which also has an Instagram and Facebook. It's the work of opera singer and travel writer Erin Snell in Salzburg, Austria, who encourages you to submit your own pics to the site.

Check out some of the most bizarre pics below. All pics from Insannequins, or other photographers as credited.

Photo by ThisisLisaGrace

Photo by Figlilly

"Weird one-eyed zombie mannequins." Image from Ruby Gold

"No, I said put their hair in a bun." Image by lolshtus.

Photo by The Weird Wide Web.

Gollum girl! WTF.

Tons more over at Insannequins.