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Insanely detailed Ghostbusters documentary gives Slimer ADD

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Did you know that Slimer is really a metaphor for ADD? The exceptionally detailed (and a little nutty) documentary Spook Central takes a page from The Shining's ridiculously detailed movie dissection Room 237 and just analyzes the crap out of Ghostbusters. It's kind of hilarious.


Directed by Ivo Shandor (we see what you did there), a group of unknown individuals with various accents attribute a ton of over-thought metaphors and analogies to this comedy/horror classic. And it's delightful. Joke or not, we LOVE this shit. Fingers crossed they put out a full documentary and are deadly serious. There's no release date, but fingers crossed they go the full length (I would totally pay for it).


[Via Bloody Disgusting]

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I think it's safe to say anyone who's reading/watching this post has seen Ghostbusters. I saw it again for the 20th time in the theaters a year ago, for I think the 25th anniversary, and I couldn't help notice that the entire movie is basically a commercial. Seeing this post reminded me of that.

Product placement is rampart in Ghostbusters, it's so obvious compared to today's standards, that I started to count the cans of coke. Of course that's not to say that we don't still see this today, in some cases it's done with a comedic flare, like Subway and the Chuck series, or the season premier of Fallen skies- Hershey (the chocolate bar and kisses) being used as chips in a game of poker, by the soldiers in a bar. Nothing says I'm a bad ass alien killer like a pocket full of hershey kisses.