Insane indie trailer asks: What if you could test for True Love?

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Stop whatever you are doing and check out this trailer. What starts off as a dopey proposal slowly shifts into some highly terrifying couples psych experiments in the new teaser trailer for the Fabios. Watch it now.

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Brought to you by the same folks behind the wonderful Afterville ( Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro) the short that took place many years after an alien invasion during the rebuilding years where folks would build apartments on the sides of downed flying saucers. True Love is directed by Enrico Clerico Nasino, written and produced by the Fabios and stars John Brotherton, Ellen Hollman, Gabriel Myers and Jay Harrington (Better Off Ted). Here's the official synopsis:

On the surface, Kate and Jack, late 20s, are happy. But like everyone, they carry secrets that neither is prepared to reveal. After their wedding, they awake from a deep, dark sleep, each alone in a sealed room with no doors or windows — only images projected on the walls and a monitor with two buttons: one for "yes", one for "no".

As the horror of their situation unfolds, surveillance films showing their life together appear on the wall, as the monitor asks questions, each more strange and terrifying than the last. It soon becomes apparent that a bizarre test of their relationship is underway, and the secrets revealed lead them deeper and deeper into what could not just destroy their love, but threaten their very lives...


Still no word on a US release date, but we'll keep you informed. Until then, here's an old promo poster when the flick used to be called Y/N. Which makes sense as those appear to be the only options people have when locked away in this creepy world.

[via Quiet Earth]

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