It never fails: meet an alien child on a war-torn planet and she'll provide the key to helping the good guys win in the end. Thankfully, last night's Clone Wars stayed true to the formula.

"Innocents of Ryloth" may have only been the middle section of a three-part season finale (Following last week's "Storm Over Ryloth" and ahead of next week's "Liberty of Ryloth" - way to give away the end, title guys), but it was nonetheless one of the more satisfying episodes of the series to date, giving a complete story even within its relatively-filler framework. Part of that came from a decent mix of "big name" characters - Obi Wan got to be boss and perform some appropriately dazzling Jedi tricks - and original characters (Clone troopers Waxer and Boil) that gave the episode some feeling of newness, and another part was the result of just telling a simple story well.


We've all seen the story behind this episode before - Innocent alien helps our heroes defeat their enemies through basic, simple knowledge - but the plot wasn't what made "Innocents" a fun half-hour; that was seeing the other side of the clones (including the fact that some of them are softies at heart), or the enjoyably flat delivery of the evil robot commander (especially his "Ha. Ha. Ha." when he thought he had the upper hand on the Jedi). For once, the script lived up to the potential of the show, and when combined with some - as usual - wonderful animation (It never fails; there's always at least one moment each episode where I have a small moment of "Damn, this show looks amazing"), offered up a solid episode that'll make me miss the show when it finishes its run. Of course, there's all manner of droid carnage to create between now and then.