Inflatable Jurassic World Costumes Put You Inside a Dinosaur Without Being Eaten

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Lots of fans walk out of superhero movies wishing they were Wonder Woman or Iron Man, but does the same thing happen with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World? Dino cosplay is apparently live, well, and not at all concerned with anatomical accuracy, as these new inflatable thunder lizard costumes reveal.

We can thank those inflatable T-rex costumes for inspiring the latest additions to the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom mountain of merchandise. The $70 inflatable Blue the Velociraptor costume isn’t bad, and come Halloween it would make for a fun way to stomp around your neighborhood.


Things go downhill quickly, however, with the $70 pteranodon costume, and the $116 inflatable triceratops. They both look like Magic Kingdom rejects thanks to the pteranodon’s disappointing wingspan, and the human arms sticking out from behind the triceratops’ head. Perhaps the costume makers forgot that “fix it in post” only applies to digital dinosaurs?

[Entertainment Earth]

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That Raptor costume looks like a great festive hazmat alternative... Meanwhile I’m just waiting to read the review from the amazon user who used them in a sex act. Here’s hoping they’re easy to clean.