If all the forests around your home have been cut down, why not just turn your living room into a forest if you want to enjoy the green? That's what they're doing in Los Angeles.


At least, that's what artists Christy McCaffrey and Sara Newey did, turning the Machine Project gallery space into a woodland forest that will flourish for the entire month of April. Along with a team of volunteers, McCaffrey and Newey converted this boxy room into what truly looks like an enchanted wood.

They built it using wood, ropes, tape, glue, and a healthy dose of actual tree trunks and soil. Throughout the month, they'll be holding events in the indoor forest, including lectures on bigfoot and elves, as well as screenings of spooky vampire movies.


Though their work is pure whimsical beauty, it has a kind of Silent Running feel to it, as if all the forests of Earth have become nothing more than a tame artwork that people construct in a gallery. It's a bit sad to contemplate that forests in 100 years may be exactly like this: Remnants of great trees, stored indoors.


via Machine Project (you can also see the schedule of events here too)

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