Indonesian Horror Trailer The Queen of Black Magic Promises Gory Frights Galore

It’s witchcraft, and I’ve got no defense for it.
It’s witchcraft, and I’ve got no defense for it.
Screenshot: Shudder
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When the man who raised him falls critically ill, a father gathers his family for a road trip back to the rural orphanage where he grew up. But not everyone who once worked there is benevolent—and now the place itself is lashing back. With a title like The Queen of Black Magic, did you expect anything less?


The Shudder Original—from a pair of Indonesian horror heavyweights, screenwriter Joko Anwar (Impetigore) and director Kimo Stamboel (Headshot)—just shared its unsettling trailer today.

The Queen of Black Magic looks like it’s got little bit of everything wrapped up in its family-vacation-from-hell plot: ghosts, awful secrets, violence against kids, swarms of insects, body horror, witchcraft (obviously), and even what appears to be an homage to The Ring. In other words, a cornucopia of nightmare fodder. It hits Shudder on January 26.

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Id watch it.
Im surprised they can produce pretty good horror movies there.