You've seen the epic monster redesign Legendary Pictures has in store for Godzilla, and now the movie has a director: Monsters director Gareth Edwards.


Variety is reporting that Edwards is now officially the director for the new Godzilla flick. You may remember Edwards' first film Monsters, the monster movie about two humans trying to sneak through the quarantined zone (formerly Mexico), without getting harmed by any of Earth's new alien inhabitants. Here's a trailer:

The trades are reporting that Edwards is expected to work on the Godzilla script with screenwriter David Callaham, and is shooting for a 2012 release date. It should be interesting to see if Edwards attempts to infuse the new Godzilla with a sense of reality, of if he just goes full blown camp guy-in-a-monster-suit angle. Our money is on a gritty origins tale.

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