We've been curious about Shah Rukh Khan's superhero film, India's most expensive movie ever, for ages. And now it seems if you live in Miami, you can get an early look at what the fuss is all about. Now it turns out the movie, titled Ra.One, will be filming in Miami in February. We've heard several synopses of this film already, including one that said it was about a small boy who gains access to an alien device that grants wishes. But NBC Miami has a different version, and maybe it's been rewritten a lot since 2008:

In the film, he plays a Miami software engineer who accidentally gives life to a techo-monster that will go on to terrorise several parts of the city.


SRK writes in his newly created Twitter account that he's been playing a lot of Arkham Asylum, because this movie is video game-inspired. And Tum Bin director Anubhav Sinha is directing. SRK walked out of S. Shankar's robot epic, called simply Robot, in favor of doing his own Spider-Man-inspired film.

Meanwhile, Shankar's Robot (now renamed Endhiran) comes out in April, featuring some crazy Vegas showgirl-inspired outfits, and there are some new Youtube videos showing some set pics and stills:

[NBC and India Today]


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