India's first stereoscopic 3D movie came out this past weekend, and Haunted has not gotten great reviews. People praised the 3D effects, with snakes lunging at the camera and ghosts sticking out their tongues. But the acting? Not so much.


The Hindustan Times has a pretty great round-up of the reviews for Haunted, directed by Vikram Bhatt. And here's the most entertainingly written one, via Preeti Arora with Rediff:

There's no subtle way of saying this, really, so here it is: nothing in this film works. Not the story, not the acting, not the music and certainly not the 3D. Haunted is a total downer, and the title of "India's first stereoscopic 3D film" certainly deserved a much better movie to go along with it.

In a far cry from his father's acting prowess, Mimoh [Chakraborty] isn't much of an actor. He lugs his bulky body across the frame, delivering his dialogues in a constant monotone, often failing to engage his hands. The script tries hard to bring out the best in this star kid, and if the script wasn't trying hard enough, Mimoh seems desperate to make an impression on you. He plays the piano, he dances, he falls in love, and he fights evils spirits? Debutante Tia Bajpai (of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame) does well in screaming so hard as if to convince the audience that she owns more than just one pair of lungs. Unfortunately for her, there is little else she can do well.


But the Times of India is more impressed by the special effects:

But if the film works — and it works quite well — [it] is only because of the special effects of the film. Experiencing the horror in 3D is indeed a novel experience for the viewer, specially since it is smartly done. Each time the ghosts lunge out at you, stick out their tongue or flail their limbs, you jump back in your seat. And yes, there are a lot of ghosts, performing a lot of ghastly acrobatics. There's even a snake sticking out its venom at you and a hurtling brick, almost missing your nose....Great fun.

Honestly, it sounds like India is getting a fairly representative first sample of the "3D movie" experience.

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