It's a great time for everyone who loves superheroes combined with Bollywood-style dance sequences. The two greatest Indian superhero movies ever made are both getting sequels — with massive special effects from Hollywood experts.

First of all, Krrish 2 is in production — and star Hrithik Roshan told the Hindustan Times that his producer father keeps freaking out that the movie is "too big and difficult," and that it's going to be a huge expensive gamble. They've flown in Hong Kong movie veteran Tony Ching Sui Tung to be the film's action director, and Ching is spending six hours a day brainstorming the movie's stunts. "We're planning something that's never been attempted on the Indian screen before. If we can pull it off, it'll be phenomenal," Roshan says.


And as you can see from the video above — featuring the trenchcoated, masked Roshan taking on a whole motorcycle gang — the first movie was already very wirework-intensive and heavily influenced by Hong Kong movies. The original Krrish, in 2006, was a quasi-sequel to the hit movie Kol... Mil Gaya, in which a small-town kid gets superpowers and uses them to fight evil. (Read Henry Jenkins' review of the original Krrish here.)

But that's not all! We're also getting a sequel to the classic superhero film Mr. India, which was the second most popular film in India in 1987. In Mr. India, a kind-hearted man named Arun, who looks after a ton of orphans, inherits a device that enables him to turn invisible, and he uses it to fight crime as the mysterious superhero Mr. India. His tenant in his house, the beautiful Seema, falls in love with Mr. India but scorns his civilian alter-ego.

The director of Mr. India, Shekhar Kapur, went on to direct Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and is now trying to make a dystopian film about water wars in the future. So he won't be back as director, but he'll be on board as a producer — and original stars Anil Kapoor (Arun) and Sridevi (Seema) will be back. And it'll be in 3-D, according to Daijworld!

The main thing that's really memorable about Mr. India is its villain — the Dr. No-esque Mogambo, who wears massive shoulderpads and epaulettes. Just watch the video at left, in which two henchmen visit Mogambo's lair and wind up chanting his name. (Skip the first minute to get to the awesome part.) Mogambo was played by Amrish Puri, fresh from his role as Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and his catch phrase, "Mogambo Khush Hua," was voted one of the all-time great movie lines in India.


So who can they get to be the villain this time around? Apparently, they're talking to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who's starred in more than 80 Hindi films but has never played a villain, about stepping into Mogambo's massive epaulettes. Mogambo Khush Hua!

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