Indiana Jones boulder scene, reenacted by a guy in a boulder suit

The famous golden idol scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark gets reenacted in an unlikely venue: Central Park. But somehow the boulder is less menacing when it's played by a fellow running around in a boulder costume.


Back in July, this photo from Humans of New York started making the rounds online, a wonderfully goofy shot of two costumed jokers acting out the boulder dash. This week, Improv Everywhere released its latest "Movies in Real Life" video, revealing that the photo represented just one moment in a longer performance piece. Watch to the end to see where the chase ends up. After all, Indiana Jones believes that an artifact belongs in a museum.

[via Laughing Squid]

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I'm still trying to get over Amy from Big Bang Theory's take on Raiders of the Lost Ark . Profound, yet disturbing.