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Indiana Jones And The Roswell Alien Coverup

A government facility in Roswell, NM plays a big role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, judging from a leaked bootleg of the movie's first official trailer. So it looks like the rumors about Indy getting involved with some extraterrestrials are true. The trailer also shows a fight sequence in the massive government secrets crate warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

We were skeptical going in, but I have to say that Harrison doesn't look bad at all, and we didn't even mind the jokes about him getting creaky with age. Ray Winstone looks decent as fill-in material for Sallah/Marcus Brody, and Cate Blanchett's Russimatrix look is going to inspire some costumes come Halloween. We just hope the final film isn't laden with CGI, and there are a couple of shots in this that look a bit too close to that for comfort. After all, this does have the Lucasfilm name on it, so you know George will try to cram in as much CGI as possible.


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love it.

hate. hate. HATE the LaGoof...

my only real worry is that it be too jokey and intended for kids...remember how Raiders was kinda hardcore and scary?


all of the films have been on the cutting edge technically - Last

Crusade being, IIRC, the last film ILM composited optically (and it

shows)...I may be biased but I don't think most people have any idea

how much CG they see every day and not notice - because it's done well

and used appropriately - in this case we're talking about Spielberg and


I for one would rather see CG than shitty models (that no one knows how

to shoot anymore), rear projection that no one can light properly...the

indy films have never really needed the kinds of things that CG is good

for anyway - but only an idiot avoids using the best tools for the

job...I trust Spielberg...