Pick up the whole Indiana Jones saga for just $30 on blu-ray today only, but hurry up, there's a boulder rolling toward you. [Amazon]

This has been a bit of an adventure. Yesterday we posted the rarely-discounted Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection for $163, its lowest price ever. Later that night and probably in error, the deal dropped to $72, and was corrected a few hours later. Now, combining codes WBAFF10 and RETAILME20HE will secure your copy for $142. And no, it's not going to drop to $72 again. No tax in some states. [WBShop]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection | $142 | Use codes RETAILME20HE and WBAFF10

Planet Earth 6-Disc Special Edition | $32

New Humble Weekly hosted by Destructoid | Critter Crunch is awesome.

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