India Is Sending Us Snapshots From Mars And They're Gorgeously Desolate

Having just arrived at the red planet, India's Mangalyaan spacecraft is doing what anyone with that view outside of its window might do: It's posting a series of quick snapshots back for all its friends at home.


The picture above is the very first one the craft snapped from just 7,300 kilometers above, and it's a promising one. The camera picked up an impressive amount of detail and color of the pockmarked surface down below.

Still, for those who like their shots a little crisper, Mangalyaan followed up this morning with a second shot, this one from a little further afield. This second shot offers a much clearer view of the planet, a preference Mangalyaan itself seems to share as noted by it's accompanying tweeted caption: "A shot of Martian atmosphere. I'm getting better at it. No pressure."

Images via ISRO's Facebook page.


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