Turns out the Independence Day sequel forgot to bring the heart alongside its lovely explosions. If only it had decided to bring some giant goddamn robots to replace it with instead.


What you can see above is indeed an official trailer for Resurgence in Japan, advertising its partnership with, of all things, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, the 2010 OVA based on the Harutoshi Fukui novel series of the same name. That’s series protagonist Banagher Links and antagonist (I shit you not) Full Frontal, reacting to the arrival of the Alien mothership. Here’s a translation, thanks to the fine folks at Anime News Network:

Full Frontal: It’s as huge as a planet!

Banagher: Huh? Oh crap!

Full Frontal: It manipulates gravity at will?!

Banagher: This time, we’ll destroy them for good!... I want to believe in the potential of humanity!

Full Frontal: Show us your potential, humanity!

There’s even a poster to go with it, featuring the Unicorn Gundam in the place of the Statue of Liberty in the film:


Weird! But not uncommon for Japanese promotions of Western movies—here’s The Martian being shilled by the characters of Space Brothers, for example. But still, there’s no doubt that Independence Day: Resurgence would be at least five times better if there were Gundams in it. At least.