No, this isn't Photoshopped - it's a real image, taken from a helicopter among the apartment buildings of mainland Hong Kong. Photographer Jason Hawkes captures bizarre human-made formations from the air - some unrecognizable.


This is in England, in a lot where cars and vans are stored before being shipped out to dealers. When Hawkes flew overhead, it just happened to be red SUV day.

What the hell is this? Balls? Trash? Grain? No. These are heaping piles of tomatoes dumped along a river in France.


Sadly this is not a set of mining platforms for sucking ultra-dense deuterium out of the Jovian atmosphere. These are the Maunsell Sea Forts, built in the UK's Thames and Mersey estuaries during World War II.

Check out more of Hawkes' brilliant photography on his site. (via Boston Globe's Big Picture)


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