The Parr family hanging out in Violent’s antigravity field within her force field.
Image: Disney

There was no doubt that Incredibles 2 was going to be a box office hit, but it really can’t be understated just how wildly successful an opening weekend the movie just had.

In just a single weekend, Incredibles 2 raked in an astonishing $180 million, a figure that makes it the most successful animated film opening of all time, an honor that was previously held by another Pixar film, Finding Dory (which took in $135 million in 2016). Additionally, Incredibles 2 now has the eighth-largest opening weekend in film history, knocking—yup, another Disney-owned film—Captain America: Civil War down to the ninth spot.


The obvious takeaway here is that people are very hungry for stories about the Parr family and it’s difficult to think that Disney isn’t looking at the movie’s performance and already dreaming up another incredible sequel.

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