The adventures of Remy the chef have come to a conclusion.
Photo: Disney

For over a decade, fans have been asking Brad Bird if he was ever going to make a sequel to The Incredibles. And he finally has. But the writer/director has very strong thoughts on making sequels to his other movies, including his other Oscar-winning Pixar film, Ratatouille, and the iconic Iron Giant.

ā€œYou know, I feel like that story is told,ā€ Bird told io9 in regards to Ratatouille. ā€œIā€™m told I need to do an Iron Giant 2 and Iā€™m told I need to remake everything that Iā€™ve made and no one apparently wants anything new anymore. Iā€™m a little at odds with society on that. I would like to do some new things.ā€


Thatā€™s an interesting thing to say, considering Bird just spent several years of his life making Incredibles 2, which is poised to become another huge hit for the filmmaker.

ā€œThis did [turn out well],ā€ Bird said. ā€œBut youā€™re welcome to take a crack at a Ratatouille sequel. I feel like iā€™ve done my Ratatouille. Iā€™ve done my Mission: Impossible and Iā€™ve done my Iron Giant. And thatā€™s that. Iā€™m not mad about it but it seems like itā€™s the only thing that people want now is for you to repeat what you just did.ā€

However, Bird admits that there is a little bit of a silver lining when it comes to the publicā€™s obsession with sequels.


ā€œWell, itā€™s nice,ā€ Bird continues. ā€œItā€™s complimentary. But it kind of reminds me of when my boys were little and I would give them a push on the swing and theyā€™d go ā€˜Again!ā€™ Itā€™s a sweet thing but itā€™s also, from an artist standpoint, itā€™s a little frustrating. Like what if I want to do a Western? Would there be any support for that idea? What if I wanted to do a musical? How about that? You know, itā€™s likeā€”there are other things to do.ā€

So even though Bird did make a successful sequel in Incredibles 2 (and Mission: Impossibleā€”Ghost Protocol), it seems very unlikely weā€™ll see more cooking rats in the future.

Incredibles 2 opens June 15. Weā€™ll have more on the film and from Bird soon.